The satisfaction I derived from tutoring my baby brother accompanied with mum’s words, “Ada you have the grace of a teacher”, fueled my interest in teaching.

Someone would probably say ” it’s just one kid, it can’t be that’s tough”, hello? there where times when I got weary and frustrated, there where times when I had endless migraine and on so many occasions I yelled. It made me think back to the times our teachers would use the stick on us. We disliked them but now I know their intentions where pure. Their reactions where just “mere” reflections of our attitude. If they reacted according to the way we acted, some of us would have been disfigured.

A month experience tutoring my baby brother made me appreciate the beautiful moments when we danced, sang songs, joked around and dramatize the work we had at hand. All kids are the same. They learn fast with repetition and songs. If your teaching lacks this then sorry you are wasting your time.

It was because of these beautiful moments I walked up those stairs to apply without giving it much thought. A young, slender girl in the midst of big, loud, child like women. I thought about reconsidering my decision because most of the women were my teachers. So you can imagine the whole scenario. I was made to talk in front of them, clearly stating why I want to be a teacher. To them I was probably a confident girl, but my creator and I knows I was anything but that. Someone would say “ah Dera, shy? no way”. Please I am human, my heart races, it just takes me ignoring it to talk without a shaky breath( I should probably write on this).

The next Sunday I started work. I taught in my brother’s class. Even before going to church, I thought I’d mess up but the way I took charge of the whole situation surprised me. You know kids judge you according to your appearance. They know harsh teachers and extra nice teachers. They sure do know how to use both to their advantage.

They probably judged me as an extra nice teacher. Well I am, but it gets tricky. They came to meet me for the most random things. Aunty open my biscuit, Aunty make my golden morn( I actually spilled some on my dress, thank God for a tissue), Aunty pack my hair, Aunty wear me my earrings, Aunty tie my shoe lace, Aunty this, Aunty that. At a time I started thinking they manipulated the whole thing just to test me(kids are like that). On the other hand, I felt like a mum. A smile didn’t leave my face because I loved every moment of it.

The thing they seem to hold on high regards is peeing. The whole class suddenly circulates you, tugging and pulling at you dress to get your attention. I made them go one at a time though.

It was lunch time and a little boy sitting close to my brother didn’t come with his lunch, so I took a little of my brother’s and gave it to him. Well of course my brother didn’t oppose, that would have earned him a spank. Another little boy came to me and was like “Aunty that girl begged me for my biscuit”. So I told him that when he has plenty and sees someone that has none, he should give the person, no matter how little, he’ll be blessed. I used my brother’s scenario as an instance but he obviously didn’t fancy my preaching cause he went to report the same issue to the next available teacher. And she did what he wanted her to do, yell at the girl. Within me I was like, everyone’s eating and she isn’t, she’s just starring around. It made me decide right there to get snacks every Sunday for those that don’t have. I don’t know what the other teacher’s theory is, but any child that is going to be great, should be fed daily with way paving mindsets, one of them being that “givers never lack”.

There was a particular child that actually did marvel me. He was so confident in himself and daring. I’d bet a thousand that he was the most intelligent amongst them. You say something once and he grabs it and tells you exactly what you said. The way he spoke made me doubt he was a four year old. That doesn’t mean the rest should be ignored, you use the sing song and repetition strategy so that at the end of the day, they’ll all know it and give you back what you gave them.

My brother kept telling his friends, that’s my sister, that’s my sister. It made me feel good about myself, it convinced me that I had made the right decision.

After the service a teacher celebrated her birthday and I got to have a huge cake. I was like, can this day get any better? While going home I got a job to host a red carpet for a Valentine Program. That really humbled me. Children are really blessings.

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